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Our Process

Stage 1


To start off,  let's take the time to get acquainted and learn about each other's personalities. We can discuss our mutual goals and aspirations, and brainstorm ideas for building a strong and productive working relationship.

Stage 2


We can either WRITE a script or utilize one you've already provided, FILM the video, and then EDIT it to produce an ad that we can both take pride in. An ad manager will be available to oversee the scriptwriting, filming, and ad management process.

Stage 3


After a few weeks of working together, we'll send you all of your  assets. We're confident that you're gonna love what we've created together, and we can't wait for you to check it out!

Differentiate yourself from your competitors and expand your business by utilizing data-driven videos that are tailored to reach your intended audience.

How do we identify your target audience?


  • Analyze current and past
    campaigns and strategies

  • Review trends

  • Market Research

    • Qualitative

    • Quantitative

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Strategy

Let's make your business stand out.
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